Back Up Sump Pump Systems

When I look back on the many years I’ve enjoyed working for my customers, neighbors and friends I get inspired to find more value and innovation that I might offer. In plumbing, especially service plumbing, caution is best. New products are always coming out but few really offer any value or solve any real problems. I, like many of my colleagues, wait a few years before trusting something fully. Many have proven unsafe or unreliable.

Blue Springs Back Up Sump Pumps
Syphon Jet Water Powered Back Up Sump Pump

A Little History on back up sump pump systems

The Syphon Jet water powered back up sump pump is the exception to the rule. It’s been on the market for many years. It’s proved itself in the field to be reliable, maintenance free, and it’s less expensive than the battery back up sump pumps that I’ve been installing for decades. The battery back up systems have recently been plagued with electrical control problems, require maintenance, and need an expensive battery replacement every 3-5 years. They’re also more expensive.

How a Syphon Jet back up sump pump works

How It Works

The way the water powered back up sump pump works isn’t really that complicated. If you run a small stream of high pressure water into a larger body of water it will create a syphoning called the venturi effect. The back up sump pump uses one gallon of water to pull two gallons of water from your sump pump pit. This would be wasteful if used all the time. That’s why it’s a back up system. It only comes on in emergencies such as your power going out, your primary sump pump failing or an unusually heavy rain that overpowers the primary pump. There is no electricity; just a water connection with a shut off valve. It sits in the same pit as your primary sump pump and ties into the same discharge pipe. It’s simplicity in design and value in construction.

Blue Springs back up sump pump system


If you’re plagued with a wet basement I recommend minimizing it by following a few tips that can be found in a previous blog post called Sump Pumps. In there you’ll find many tips to prevent moisture around your foundation that may negate the need for a sump pump. If you have a finished area in your basement and deal with moisture you must have a back up sump pump system. All pumps fail eventually. And remember that because it looks simple doesn’t mean it is. Let Advocate Master Plumbing install a back up sump pump system that will protect your home and family.