Plumbers can be expensive. They can be inexperienced. They can be more salesman than plumbers. The Jackson County plumbing industry has undergone a change in the last decade. And it isn’t a good change. I would like to discuss the plumbing industry and how these changes have affected your ability to receive qualified and ethical plumbing service.

Plumbing Technician Qualifications

Citizens of Blue Springs, MO all believe the technician that comes to their door is a qualified master plumber. Usually because they called a local plumber with the biggest advertising budget. In reality, they’re getting a novice or journeyman plumber that’s working under the owners master plumbing license. This is completely legal and a regular practice. If you’re hoping for the experienced plumber to be in your home rather than on the phone line with the technician you’ll want to call the small local business that is a one man operation. Hire your local plumbing professional at Advocate Master Plumbing.

Ethics Of The Corporate Plumbing Companies

Every plumbing contractor in the Blue Springs, MO area needs to make a profit. If you take into consideration the overhead of the larger contractors you’ll see the significant ethical dilema they put themselves in. Excessive office staff and $40,000 vehicles can motivate them to pressure their plumbing technicians to push flashier and extravagant products that you really don’t want or need. Many are sending their techs to sales seminars rather than continued vocational training. Nobody wants a trained salesman manipulating their grandmother into a $1000 garbage disposer.

 Motivation Of The Corporate Plumbing Companies

A plumber working for a larger company is generally paid on a commission basis or hourly basis. The commissioned plumbers are pressured to sell. If they don’t, they get paid very little. Usually they’re making around 18% – 25%. This pay scale constitutes the bulk of the Missouri and Kansas plumbing industry. High pressure sales with stressed out employees. The hourly plumbers are making less and rarely see their families. They’re just in a hurry and hoping they don’t get another cross town call at 5 in the afternoon. These are not extreme examples or over emphasizing the facts. These are the people coming into your homes.

Hire Your Local Plumbers

I spent the first 6 years of my career working for a union that trained and educated me in all facets of industrial and commercial plumbing construction and service. For that, I’m thankful. I spent the next 5 years in the non union sector learning residential plumbing construction and service. The last 10 or more years have been spent mastering my trade and learning customer service. The two most important lessons I’ve learned through it all are:

1. Do it right the first time. Even if it means working late or taking a financial loss.

2. Make your customers happy at all cost.

You can’t put profit ahead of either of those things. If you don’t, profit will just happen. Hire the person that is motivated by good business sense to do the job right and make you happy. Hire your local plumber at Advocate Master Plumbing.