Buying a Sump Pump

Lee's Summit Sump Pump Repairs, Blue Springs Sump Pump RepairsSump pumps are an unfortunate necessity for many of my friends in Jackson County, If you have a home with a moisture problem then I hope to help you make an informed decision. Here I will share my 20+ years of experience working with sump pumps as they’ve changed and improved through those years.

Before buying a Sump Pump

First of all, before buying a sump pump you want to do everything you can to get water away from your foundation. Installing a sump pump is only fixing the symptom. Fix the problem, or at least lessen it, by trying a few of the following tips:

  • Clean, repair and extend your gutters.
  • Cover all window wells.
  • Improve the grading around your home (underneath landscaping too).
  • Prevent ground shrinkage around your home by watering around the foundation during the summer months.

Blue Springs Sump Pump Repair, Lee's Summit Sump Pump Repair

What to look for in a Sump Pump

The next step is to choose the best sump pump for your home. When choosing, remember that your home is a huge investment. Don’t buy a cheap sump pump. A foundation repair can cost $20,000 or more. Get what your home needs. A few things to look for in a sump pump are :

  • Submersible Pumps – They make less noise & keep debris out of the pit.
  • Cast iron pumps – They last longer by dissipating heat from the motor.
  • Minimize clogged pumps – A sump pump with a no-screen intake design coupled with an impellor that can handle solids up to ½-inch in diameter.
  • A mechanical switch – They last longer. Avoid pressure switches.
  • Thermally protected pumps – If they overheat they’ll shut themselves off before burning out.

Blue Springs Sump Pump Repair, Blue Springs Sump Pump Installation

 Sump Pump Maintenance

Finally, remember that even though a sump pump is supposed to work independently of you, it still needs maintenance. The basement or crawl space doesn’t normally get a lot of traffic. If a sump pump fails,due to neglect, you’ll have a big mess and an even bigger repair bill. Some regular maintenance will avoid all of that. Things like:

  • Confirming it’s still working before it rains – Fill the pit with water and activate it before each rainy season.
  • Keep the sump pit clear of debris – Clean out all mud, rocks, construction garbage and anything else that may have fallen into it.
  • Keep the electrical cord secured – A cord can jam a float and prevent the pump from activating.
  • Inspect the discharge piping inside and out – Look for leaks, discharge water falling back toward your foundation, ice in the discharge pipe, nests, and check that it sloped correctly with no bellys in the pipe.

There are many sump pumps from which you may choose. Follow these few sump pump tips on purchasing and maintaining them. You’ll have fewer problems and get more value from your investment As always, I highly recommend you call Advocate Master Plumbing. Our customers are neighbors and friends.