Drain Cleaning Tips

Here are some drain cleaning tips from your friends at Advocate Master Plumbing.

Kitchen sink drain clogsdrain cleaning tips

Whenever I approach customers with  kitchen sink drain clogs a garbage disposal is usually the cause of the problem.  Lets see if we can use it to solve the problem. Follow the following instructions and you may be able to avoid an unnecessary plumbing visit. Fill both sides of your kitchen sink half full of water. Plug the side of the sink without the garbage disposal attached. I normally use the garbage disposal stopper for this. Then turn on the garbage disposal. Run it for about 10 to 20 seconds and then shut it off. Be prepared for water gushing up out of the disposal if it doesn’t work the first time. Do this a few times. It will sometimes unclog the drain for you.

Another drain cleaning tip is to plug the drain after filling both sides and use the plunger  technique instead of the garbage disposal to unclog the drain.

Plunger Technique for unclogging a drain.

Anytime you use a plunger you need to be sure you have one that seals completely around the opening of the plumbing fixture drain opening. If there is more than one opening you must plug all openings except the one you’re plunging. Then vigorously and quickly move the plunger up and down in an attempt to create a vibrating wave through the water. Do this multiple times until the clog is open.

If these drain cleaning tips don’t work I would recommend calling us. We’ll promptly and professionally unclog your drain and inform you of the cause of the problems so that you may avoid them in the future. And remember that at Advocate Master Plumbing we have your plumbing needs in mind, not our bottom line. Come back next week and we’ll look at some helpful bathroom sink drain cleaning tips.