Excessive Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure is a commen problem. It is something few people know about.

That includes many plumbers. But it is the single most expensive problem in most homes.

Don’t deal with it and pay thousands in repair bills.

Deal with it and save those thousands and all the headaches that go along with plumbing problems.

Advocate Master Plumbing can test your water pressure at no additional cost during any plumbing service to avoid these unnecessary repairs.

Symptoms of Excessive Water Pressure

Excessive pressure creates so many problems. Lets see if you have it by exploring some of its symptoms.

Noise in your water pipes

If you hear what sounds like a jet taking off when you turn on the faucet, then you probably have some excessive pressure issues.

Water hammer

If you hear a thumping noise when the washing machine finishes filling, then you may have them, too.

Chronic plumbing problems

If you’re talking to the plumber entirely too often then you may have water pressure issues.

Dripping water heater relief valve

If you have white fuzz on the end of the drain pipe going down the side of your water heater or water leaking from that pipe, then your water heater is protecting itself from pressure issues.

Plumbing appliance repairs

If you’ve had issues with your washer, dishwasher or ice maker solenoid valve, you may have some water pressure issues.

Different types of Excessive Water Pressure

Your water pressure in your home or business should never exceed 80 pounds per square inch (psi).

That is the force it is exerting to push open your plumbing fixture or appliance when noone is using the water (static pressure).

The plumbing fixtures and appliances in your home are designed to withstand just so much punishment.

They will tolerate more but not last as long. Excessive Water Pressure comes in a few basic forms.

Service Line Pressure

The water pressure, at which, the city is delivering your home water supply.

Thermal Expansion

The effect that the water heater has when it heats water while being connected to your home plumbing. (imagine a boiling pot after you put a lid on)

Pressure surge

Businesses sometimes draw a lot from the city water supply. When they do, it effects the water pressure in your area. This creates large drops and surges in your homes water pressure that can be damaging.

How to deal with Excessive Water Pressure

Dealing with Excessive Water Pressure in your home is like any other home repair issue;

time to call an expert. In this case, it means calling a master plumber.

City supply

Have a qualified master plumber install a water pressure reducing valve.

Thermal Expansion Tank

Have a qualified master plumber install a thermal expansion tank above your water heater.

Pressure Surge

A qualified master plumber will have to evaluate your situation and install the proper pressure regulating equipment.Symptoms of damaged water pressure devices

The PRV’s can themselves create excessive water pressure issues when they’re damaged or old.

In the following examples you will see some of these.

Humming in your pipes

If you hear a humming or banging noise whenever you use water in your home you may have a damaged PRV.

Water Flow Restrictions

If you have uncommonly low or fluctuating water pressure in your home you may have a damaged valve.

Chronic Plumbing Repairs

If you have to call a plumber often for drippy faucets or toilet repairs you may not have a valve or the one you have is damaged.

Hot Water Surge

If you notice the hot water flowing quickly then slowing when you turn on a plumbing fixture, you may need a thermal expansion tank installation.

Water Hammer

If you notice a thumping in your pipes when you shut off the water that wasn’t there before, you may have a damaged PRV.

PRV’s and thermal expansion tanks are necessary parts of your home plumbing system.

Municipalities throughout the country are adjusting their codes and changing the way they provide water to your home. It is now a local plumbing code in the Kansas City metro that all homes have a thermal expansion tank for backflow protection. The cities are installing check valves on water meters to protect the drinking water supply. The thermal expansion tanks will prevent the damaging affects of excessive water pressure in your home building up.

If you find yourself in need of a qualified master plumber, please don’t hesitate to call Advocate Master Plumbing. We serve our customers needs, not our bottom line.