How To Replace A Toilet Flush Valve

If you’re trying to learn how to replace a toilet flush valve I’d recommend you consider it’s value and your time.

I don’t mean to imply that it’s an insurmountable task. But if you’re going to break your toilet down to its basic pieces then you need to weigh the option of complete replacement.

If it’s a good one then do it. If it’s just a toilet then consider the value of your time and replace it with a well designed model.

But since you’re reading on I’ll assume you’re all in. So here we go.

How to replace a flush valve – Tools needed

  1. Pliers
  2. Flat head or multibit screwdriver
  3. 24 inch pipe wrench or large pliers
  4. Tubing cutter
  5. Bucket
  6. Wet vac, towel or sponge

The pliers I prefer are the same brand and model as mentioned in other posts; Wilde pump house pliers.

They have a long handle for gripping and smooth action for adjustment. The pipe wrench should be cast iron and heavy.

The bucket can be a piece of Tupperware.

How to replace a flush valve – Materials needed

  1. Flush valve – either 2 inch or larger 3 inch. Whichever was the original size.
  2. Tank to bowl kit – This will include the appropriate tank to bowl gasket for this model toilet and corresponding bolt kit. This is like car parts. They have to match.
  3. Teflon thread compound. T plus 2 will do. You’ll find it at your local home store.

How to replace a flush valve – Step by Step

  1. Shut the water off to your toilet. If you’re water shut off doesn’t work either replace the water shut off or shut the water off to your house.
  2. Flush the toilet and hold the handle down to completely empty it.
  3. Remove the tank lid and place it flat on the ground
  4. Wet vac or soak up the remaining tank to replace a flush valve, Lee's summit plumber
  5. Place your bucket or Tupperware below the water supply riser and remove it from the fill valve shank.
  6. Using your pliers and screwdriver remove the tank to bowl bolts under the toilet tank on either side.
  7. Carefully remove the tank from the bowl and place it flat on the floor. Preferably on a towel or drop cloth.
  8. Remove the old bolts and tank to bowl gasket and discard.
  9. Using your large pliers or pipe wrench remove the flush valve from the tank.
  10. Inspect the tank for debris or malformation at the tank bolt holes or flush valve opening. Clean as needed.
  11. Remove the mounting nut from the bottom of the new flush valve and wipe T plus 2 teflon thread compound on the flush valve seal. This will ensure a proper seal.
  12. Place the flush valve inside the tank and position it so that the tank bolts can still be installed and flapper will be directly below the handle.
  13. Install the flush valve mounting nut and tighten it using your pipe wrench. Be careful not to overtighten and crack the porcelain.
  14. Put the tank bolt washer on the the tank to bowl bolts and wipe the bottom of the washers with T plus 2 Teflon thread compound to ensure a water tight seal.
  15. Put the bolts through the tank holes and install the corresponding washer and then bolt. Tighten appropriately.
  16. Carefully place the tank back onto the bowl. Install the corresponding tank to bowl nut and tighten half way.
  17. I will then confirm the bowl is positioned correctly on the bowl and tighten each tank to bowl bolt a full turn each until the tank is completely tightened and installed.
  18. Using your tubing cutter, trim the flush valve overflow tube below the level of the handle hole. If the fill valve ever fails it will overflow out of the handle opening and flood your home.
  19. Reinstall the water supply line and turn the water back on. Do this slowly. You don’t want to clog the fill valve with water debris or hard water deposits.
  20. Confirm the water fill valve is still set correctly for the new toilet flush valve by adjusting as needed.
  21. Place the tank lid back on the tank.

Now that we’re done

This sounds like a lot. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m just trying to be thorough.

Anyone can do this. Just take each step as a task in and of itself. Just like we do every day.

Try to get from point A to point B. Once you’re there look at C.

But remember if you get overwhelmed, just call me. Advocate Master Plumbing really is your locally owned and operated family plumbing service contractor.

We service Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence, Grain Valley & all of Jackson County. And when you call you will always get a master plumber.

I highly recommend you call us and not do this yourself. But everybody wants to know how the professionals do it.

So here it is. Now I’m going to follow this up with a YouTube video.



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