Shower Faucet Repair – Newer Single Lever Delta Monitor

In a previous blog post we discussed how a plumber would approach a shower faucet repair on an older model single lever Delta Monitor shower faucet. In this post we’ll discuss the newer Delta Monitor shower faucets. They are a bit easier.

Identify Your Shower Faucet

The first step in a shower faucet repair is properly identifying the model. If I’m unfamiliar with the shower faucet and can’t find a match online, I always have my plumbing supplier help me identify it. To do this you must:

  1. Shut your home water supply off at either the entrance valve or water meter. Be sure to turn off any appliances such as an ice maker, dishwasher, washing machine or hot water recirculating pump prior to shutting down your water system.
  2. Drain your water system by opening a faucet lower than your shower faucet repair. Then turn on the damaged shower faucet. If draining into a sink, be sure the sink isn’t partially clogged. You’ll have a mess waiting for you when you return from the plumbing supply store.
  3. Remove the cartridge following the steps below and take it to your local professional plumbing supply store.

Common Models

If you aren’t as experienced at shower faucet repair as I am, you’ll need some frame of reference from which to begin in identifying the model. Here are some common models of single lever Delta shower faucet cartridges.

Blue Springs plumber, shower faucet cartridge



Blue Springs plumber, shower faucet repair

Step by Step

Now let’s break down each step of the repair.

  1. Identify the brand and model. Then purchase a complete rebuild kit or cartridge.
  2. Shut off the home water system at the entrance valve or water meter.
  3. Drain the water system by turning on and leaving on a outside wall hydrant or lower level faucet. Then turn on the shower faucet you’re repairing.
  4. Remove the handle. Your handle could be crystal with an index button in the middle covering a set screw or a brass lever with a set screw. Blue Springs Plumber, shower faucet repair
  5. Then unscrew the bonnet nut. If it’s seized lubricate it with penetrating oil or WD40 and let it set for 10 or 15 minutes and try again. This may take a couple of attempts. If it still won’t budge, stop and call a professional.
  6. Remove the cartridge.Blue Springs Plumber, shower faucet repair
  7. Inspect the inside of the faucet housing for calcium build up or cracks. To remove calcium, gently pick at it with a wire brush or small pick. Be careful not to score the brass.
  8. Lubricate the new cartridge rubber seats and seals with plumbers grease or vegetable oil. Don’t use petroleum jelly.
  9. Install the new cartridge. Be sure the hot and cold are on the correct sides and the small slot on the side of the cartridge engages fully with the indention on the shower faucet housing. If this is difficult return to step 7.
  10. Thread the bonnet nut back on.
  11. Reinstall the handle.
  12. Shut off all faucets. Turn on one tub faucet on the top floor of your home.
  13. Turn the water to your home on about a third of the way to allow it to slowly fill the pipes. Don’t rush this. You want all the air to escape through the top tub faucet. But you don’t want to stir up too much calcium debris inside the piping that could clog faucets.
  14. Once the tub no longer has any air coming out, shut it off.
  15. Purge all other interior faucets of air starting on the top floor and beginning with tub and shower faucets. Then purge sink faucets. And finally flush toilets.
  16. The last step is to purge the lower level home plumbing fixtures and test your shower faucet repair for leaks.

In Conclusion

Shower faucet repairs aren’t for the novice plumber. This may look simple but there are many things that can go wrong. If you’re trying to save a few bucks by doing it yourself you’re probably doing it on a weekend. Bad idea! If you get in a jam it’s going to be difficult and expensive to get a plumber to your home. Your significant other may smother you in your sleep if they have to do without water for a night. And it’s very easy to create more problems than you had to begin with.

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