Sump Pump Testing

Advocate Master Plumbing repairs and installs sump pumps. Sump pumps are extremely important in our area.

We can get a lot of rain and if your basement isn’t protected by a sump pump, you could be risking damage to your mechanical systems & belongings.

Our master plumbers can install a sump pump to make sure no water gets into the lower levels of your home.

If you haven’t had water problems, don’t risk it. One heavy rainy season is all it takes.

Also, if your sump pump stops working, you need to utilize our emergency plumbing services.

Give us a call and with our 24th our emergency services, we can have it working in no time.

Battery Back-Up Sump Pumps Add Peace of Mind

Advocate Master Plumbing also installs sump pump battery backups in the Grain Valley area.

When do sump pumps stop working?

When you lose electricity during a big storm, a failed breaker, burned out pump or just a jammed impeller.

When do you need them the most?

When we have large rainfalls.

When do you typically lose power?

During heavy thunderstorms.

That’s why a battery back-up sump pump is so important. A battery back-up pump will switch automatically to battery when power fails or your main pump fails.

Not only do battery back-up sump pumps take over when your sump pump loses power, they can also assist when your main sump pump is overwhelmed.

A backup pump can handle 1000 to 2200 gallons per hour. It also has a maintenance alarm that will sound loudly if service is needed.

With a battery back-up sump pump, you can be sure that your Lee’s Summit home and belongings are protected at all times.


Grain Valley Missouri back up sump pump system

Water Powered Back Up Sump Pumps

The siphon jet water powered back up sump pump system uses no electricity. It is more cost effective. It needs no maintenance. It works solely on water pressure.

A Simple Test to Ensure Your Sump Pump Is Working

It’s never a good idea to assume your sump pump is working. At Advocate Master Plumbing, we encourage Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, Independence & Blue Springs homeowners to check their sump pumps regularly.

Mark the first or last day of the month on your calendar to remind yourself to perform this simple, five-minute task.

Sump Pump Test

  1. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water
  2. Remove the lid and pour it in the sump pit
  3. The motor should kick on and drain the water

If the sump pump does not respond or the water is not pumped out of the sump pit, your sump pump may require repairs.

It is much, much better to discover this when you don’t need your sump pump than in the middle of a storm when your basement is filling with water.

If you suspect you have sump pump problems or need a sump pump or back-up sump pump system installed, call Advocate Master Plumbing today. We’re your locally owned and operated family plumbing service business.

We have the unorthodox view that your plumber should be your advocate. We also service water heaters, garbage disposals, frozen pipes, faucets, toilets, water pipes, gas pipes and all residential plumbing.

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