Faucet Repair and Installation

Advocate Master Plumbing does all types of faucet repair and installation. If you have a leaking kitchen faucet or drippy bathroom sink faucet we can diagnose the problem and give you the best options for your situation. When you need a new faucet installed we’re the local plumbing service company to call. If you attempted a tub and shower valve repair and need some assistance with the DIY project call us right away.

Types of Faucets

We’re happy to repair and install any style or brand of faucet. Kitchen faucet repair, Kitchen faucet replacement. Kitchen faucet installation, sink faucet repair, sink faucet installation, tub faucet, shower faucet, shower valveIf you’re shopping for a new kitchen faucet or bathroom sink faucet with pop-up we can highly recommend either the Moen or Delta brands. They have manufacturers lifetime warranties that are honored. If a new tub faucet or shower valve is what you need then I’d recommend letting the professionals purchase that for you. If it’s going in your wall you want the 1 year parts and labor warranty we offer when we provide the faucet.

Wall Hydrant Repair and Installation

Forgot to take your garden hoses off before the hard winter freeze?wall faucet, outside faucet, hose connection, spigot Beware turning them on in the spring. You may have water running in your basement walls and not know it until you’ve finished washing the car or watering your lawn. A frozen and burst wall hydrant is a quick and relatively easy repair for us. We furnish a burst free model with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. You leave your hose on it won’t break. But don’t leave it on.