Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

At Advocate Master Plumbing, we strive to be the home owners’ advocate. An important part of that advocacy is giving the customer the full extent of our professional knowledge so that they may make an informed choice. Garbage disposals have become an integral part of the American household since their invention in 1927. And since that time they’ve gone through many technological advances.  As such, we’d like to be there for all our neighbors to help them make an informed choice between the different types of garbage disposals. While doing so, be assured that your household budget and best value will be respected. If you find yourself needing one please feel free to call us for a free estimate.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

You can also feel free to call If you’re in need of a garbage disposal repair. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with all facets of plumbing repairs. For those weekend warriors out there you can also visit our DIY garbage disposal repairs blog posts with many helpful hints. But if you still feel the need for a quick and courteous professional just call your local Lee’s Summit plumbing professionals at Advocate Master Plumbing. We have the training, tools, and experience. So if you have a jammed, leaking or damaged garbaged disposal we’re here to serve you.

Garbage Disposal Models

There are many different models and sizes of garbage disposals. Our preferred brand is insinkerator. This is the same brand that inventer and architect John W. Hammes

Lee's Summit Garbage Disposal repair and installationcreated so long ago. His legacy lives on with the continued advances in quality and technology. WIth those advances have come new models. All these models come with their own advantages.

The choices we can install for you range from many different styles with various options. The most common is the Insinkerator Badger 5. This is the base model for your average home. You can then move up to the Evolution series Insinkerators. The higher end ultra quiet models. There’s one that’s right for every home and for every budget. You can eliminate kitchen food wastes effortlessly, leaving you with a fresher kitchen.

The Advocate Master Plumbing Difference

If you’re tired of the big companies jingles and slick salesmen call your local professional master plumbers at Advocate Master Plumbing. We won’t sell you anything. We’ll give you all the information about your garbage disposal needs and let you make an informed decision.