garbage disposal repair and installation

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Garbage disposal repair and installation are common plumbing repairs. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’re happy to offer garbage disposal services to our friends and neighbors. There a many different brands of garbage disposals. And there are also many different garbage disposal problems. We’ve dealt with them all and want to guide you through some of the questions about garbage disposal repair.

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How does a garbage disposal work?

Most people think a garbage disposal works like a blender. But it’s kind of the opposite of a blender. Inside the garbage disposal there is a spinning plate with lugs that throw the food against the sides of the disposer grinder chamber. The sides of the garbage disposal grinder chamber have fixed blades. As the food is thrown over and over again against these blades by the spinning plate and lugs it’s broken down. Once the food waste is broken down into small enough pieces it is washed through a small drain opening in the garbage disposal into your kitchen drains.


Why does my garbage disposal smell?

If you eat and not clean your teeth your breath will be funky. Garbage disposals get morning breath too. They get food stuck in their blades that need to be washed out. And bacteria can grow inside the garbage disposal. So clean out your garbage disposal and then disinfect them. A common way to clean a garbage disposal is run ice through it. This will dislodge the stuck food particles in your garbage disposals grinder chamber. Then put half of a quartered lemon, peel and all, inside the garbage disposer and run it for about 10 seconds without water. Then let it set overnight. The citric acid will break down the leftover particles and help kill the bacterial growth inside your garbage disposal. There are many ways to stop your garbage disposal from smelling.

Why is my garbage disposal leaking?

A leaking garbage disposal can be caused by a few things.garbage disposal leaking Sometimes your garbage disposer collar is either incorrectly installed or the seal under the garbage disposal collar flange needs to be resealed. A leaking garbage disposal can be due to the disposer vibrating loose from the mounting collar. A leaking garbage disposal drain pipe is very common. But the most common culprit is drain cleaner or a bad garbage disposal jam damages the seal between the disposer grinder chamber and the motor housing. Once the garbage disposal seal has been compromised you’ll need a disposal replacement.

Why does my garbage disposal just hum?

If your garbage disposal just hums when you turn it on it could mean a couple of things. Either you have a jammed garbage disposal or you have a seized garbage disposal motor. In either case I would highly recommend you call your local plumber at Advocate Master Plumbing for a garbage disposal service.

Nothing happens when I turn on my garbage disposal

If nothing happens when you turn on your garbage disposal there are a few things that could mean. If you have a jammed garbage disposal it will attempt to run until it overheats. This will trip the disposal overload switch that stops the motor. You could also have a burned up garbage disposer motor. But always check that the dedicated circuit breaker for the garbage disposer hasn’t tripped or that the electrical outlet is working. Then call Advocated Master Plumbing for professional garbage disposal service.

What kind of garbage disposal should I get?

Choosing a garbage disposal is dependent upon a few things.Best garbage disposals But Insinkerator garbage disposers is generally considered the brand of choice. The demand on the garbage disposer is certainly a factor. But you have to also consider how long you’ll be living in your home. Is it worth upgrading to the pricier optioned garbage disposers? Are your drains low enough for that larger garbage disposal unit. Can your drains handle the amount of garbage disposer waste a larger unit would put out? Can your pocket-book? Let your friends and neighbors at Advocate Master Plumbing advise you.


DIY or hire a plumber for garbage disposal repair and replacement

There are many garbage disposal repair and installations that a homeowner can do. But it depends on your diy plumbing skills. If you want to attempt a garbage disposal replacement or service be careful. Just remember that the skilled local plumbers at Advocate Master Plumbing install and repair garbage disposals every day. Besides your time is valuable. Your good at your job. Let us be good at ours.