Gas Pipe Repair and Installation

Gas pipe repair and installation is at the heart of Advocate Master Plumbing’s business and training. In this region a master plumbers correct title is master gasfitter/plumber. Our cold weather creates a large demand for natural gas heating as well as new technology such as natural gas fuel cells and natural gas powered vehicles. This demand is also expressed in the need for qualified and trained individuals to service and install gas piping. But for the average Lee’s Summit resident their use of it normally comes down to a few basic needs. Who would have thought that something as integrated into our daily lives was discovered by the Chinese almost 3000 years ago. And piped to villages using bamboo pipe to transport it to heat brine for salt extraction. But plumbers don’t use bamboo, of course, they use black iron gas pipe, corrugated stainless steel gas pipe, polyethylene gas pipe and more. How is natural gas used in your home?

Water Heater Gas Pipe

Water heater gas pipe is the most common use of natural gas. Many people don’t know that while natural gas water heater installations are more expensive when building a home, it costs half as much to heat your water with natural gas than it does with electricity. This makes it twice as efficient. It does, unfortunately, also mean that gas water heater repairs are more common than electric water heater repairs. There’s more to a gas water heater than an electric. There are also more dangers involved with one. Carbon monoxide is a deadly killer. As is fire. This is why your home should be equipped with both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector near every room of your home. At Advocate Master Plumbing we have your families health and safety in mind at all times while working in your home.

Furnace Gas Pipe

Furnace gas pipe is of paramount importance in this region of the country. A cold February wind is a quick reminder of that. That’s why at Advocate Master Plumbing we perform a free visual furnace gas pipe inspection with each paid service call with our customers permission. We know that shutting down your gas pipe during a cold stretch could not only jeopardize your health but your home plumbing as well. Frozen pipes are a common occurence when temperatures drop into and below the single digits. Trust your local plumbing contractors and neighbors at Advocate Master Plumbing to keep your home running smoothly.

Range Gas Pipe

A gas range and electric range compare the same as the aforementioned water heaters. They are much more efficient and just plain work better. I’m pretty sure that all the great chef’s prefer them for their control and instant heat. But most homes aren’t equipped with them because home builders need to keep their costs down. It’s just plain more expensive for a gas range installation than it is for it’s electric counterpart. But that doesn’t mean that if you decide you would prefer a gas range that it can’t be done. Range gas pipe installations are a very popular service we provide. It’s also something to be left to the professionals. Don’t attempt it yourself. There are many very important plumbing codes that you must not only know but understand before making a gas pipe repair or installation. So call us when you decide to have a new range gas pipe installed.

Fireplace Gas Pipe

If a cold February wind is blowing there’s nothing cozier than a warm fire crackling and popping in your living room. A wood burning fireplace with a gas log lighter is warm and efficient way to heat your home. If the smell of burning wood isn’t for you then consider one of many very clean burning gas fireplace inserts. You get the cozy feeling of burning wood with the ultra efficient heat source of a ventless fireplace insert. Fireplace gas pipe is easily installed in most homes. But remember to call a qualified professional and not a handyman. There are too many things that can go wrong if an unqualified person attempts a gas pipe repair or installation. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’ll make it look easy because we’ve been doing it for over 25 years.

Gas Pipe Leak Detection

If you or anyone in your family ever smells a gas leak GET OUT! Don’t turn any lights off. Don’t turn the tv off. Just get out and call your local gas company. Once you are safe and the gas company has done a full gas pipe leak detection in your home they will usually shut off at least a gas pipe branch line and suggest you call a plumbing professional. Then call us. We’ll also do a gas pipe leak detection before and after we make the repair. We’ve been serving our neighbors for a long time and plan to continue to serve them in a professional, ethical, and courteous fashion that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Gas Pipe Repair and Installation By A Pro

When you call for a gas repair or need a gas pipe installed for that new appliance you bought at the home store call us. The same person that answers the phone will be knocking on your door. He’s also the same person that started this business. That’s right. Jerry Miller is the Master Plumber at Advocate Master Plumbing that will always work for you. There’s no guess work about who you’re getting when you call. It’s always the same and will remain that way. Because he is the only employee in the company he is the one that both benefits and takes a loss depending on how well your gas pipe repair and installation goes. And since he always warrantys this kind of work for a year he doesn’t want to go back for free. That’s a guarantee you’re getting his best work. By the way, he also writes all the website pages and blog posts. So call me and lets get to know each other. I’ll look you in the eye, shake your hand and hopefully earn the right to work in your home.