Water Heater Repair, Replacement and Installation

Hire Advocate Master Plumbing for a Lee’s Summit hot water heater repair, replacement or installation. When your hot water runs cold and you’re shivering in the shower we’ll come running. A water heater is both a necessary and dangerous plumbing appliance. Don’t leave your families health and safety to a handyman or an hvac specialist. We specialize in residential plumbing only. Call now and the same master plumber will come to your home that speaks with you on the phone.

We provide gas, propane and electric water heater services. If you would like to upgrade to a high-efficiency power vent hot water tank or a dual tank system we can discuss your options. We provide upfront pricing that includes a furnished tank, qualified installation up to local code requirements & disposal of the old tank.


Water heater services our master plumbers provide

Let our master plumbers diagnose your particular water heating issue. They’ll then discuss options with you that best suit your specific needs. If you need a shorter or “lowboy” water heater we can accommodate you. If you have a leaking small break room hot water tank we can replace it quickly. High efficiency hot water heaters, both gas and electric, will be quickly repaired or replaced. And dual tank systems are also available.

Our Water Heater Troubleshooting Experience

Below you’ll find many of the water heater related questions we’re asked on a daily basis. You’ll also see brief descriptions of these problems we address with links to possible solutions. We also show you, step by step with videos, how we make these repairs. Feel free to jump to a specific point on the page by clicking a corresponding title in the outline below.

Water heater problems

There are many reasons to call us for a water heater repair, replacement and installation. When you do you’ll have questions. Let’s explore some of those questions about water heaters with some brief answers and service options.

Why did my water heater stop working?

A water heater will stop heating for various reasons. An electric water heater may shut off due to an electrical overload or ruptured tank. It could also need a thermostat or heating element replacement. In that case you need to know how to rebuild an electric water heater. A gas water heater stops heating usually because the pilot light went out or the air intake is clogged causing the flammable vapor ignition resistance system (FVIR) to shut the gas off. An ultra-high efficiency water heater failure is often a plugged power vent, a flammable vapor ignition resistance switch or vent pressure sensor. And a tankless water heater error code will normally indicate the need for maintenance. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’re trained to do these repairs.

Why is my water heater leaking?

When your water heater leaks it can be scary. And sometimes it does mean you have a burst tank. But it can also mean you need a thermal expansion tank, a water pressure reducing valve installation or need a relief valve replacement. In some cases it can even be a leaking solder joint on a water pipe or threaded connection.

Why does my water heater make noise?

A rumbling water heater is a common occurrence. Older gas water heaters will have hard water build up. We can perform a water heater service. When a power vent water heater has a vent clog from either snow or birds nest, it can cause of fluttering noise. If an electric water heater starts humming you better just call your local master plumbers. We deal with these unsafe plumbing situations all the time.

Why does my hot water smell?

When your water smells like rotten eggs it can mean you have either a water heater iron bacterial infection or a damaged sacrificial anode rod. In these cases you would want us to flush your tank and replace your sacrificial anode rod. Sometimes city water can have excessive iron that will cause this. If you’re at the end of a city water main branch you may have built up gasses in the water service and you’ll need to call your water service provider.

Why is my water heater rusting?

A rusty water heater can indicate a water leak. It can also be caused by a dirty water heater burner chamber. The flame can burp out looking for air to burn. Galvanic corrosion can occur when dissimilar piping materials come in contact or an electrical current is running through the water pipes due to a grounded wire or underground utility.

What is a thermal expansion tank?

Recent plumbing code changes now require any household with a water pressure reducing valve to also have a thermal expansion tank.

A thermal expansion tank is an important part of your water system only if you have a water pressure reducing valve. Otherwise it’s unnecessary. Have your local plumbers at Advocate Master Plumbing check your home for thermal expansion.

It’s necessary because the interaction of a water pressure reducing valve with a water heater is similar to putting a lid on a boiling pot; pressure builds. When the valve is installed it prevents water from flowing backwards through your water system. A water heater naturally creates expansion when heating. If the water has nowhere to expand it will create excess water pressure. This will make your temperature and pressure relief valve leak to protect the tank.

How long does a water heater last?

After 10 or 12 years of heating water a traditional water heater has reached its design limits. The choice between a water heater replacement and repair is made for you. Don’t waste your money trying to save money. At Advocate Master Plumbing we install reliable and affordable water heaters with natural gas, electric, propane, ultra high-efficiency and hybrid models. Don’t be sold. Be allowed to make an informed decision for your next water heater replacement or installation.

How can I get more hot water?

Tired of trying to time your showers with those teenagers? Are your holiday guests complaining about no hot water? Is the large tub too much for your traditional water heater? Let the water heater experts at Advocate Master Plumbing help you with all the options for your budget.

Ultra High-Efficiency Water Heaters

When dealing with large hot water demands and a need for energy conservation the State Premier power direct vent high-efficiency 50 gallon gas water heater is the answer. Never run out of hot water with efficiency ratings up to 96%. This is your tankless water heater without the yearly maintenance. Upgrade your next water heater replacement with an ultra high-efficiency water heater.

Dual Water Heater Systems

Advocate Master Plumbing installs dual water heater systems in high-efficiency parallel piping configurations to ensure maximum hot water volume for all water heater types. Care is taken to ensure excessive water pressure issues are addressed, as well. If one water heater leaks, just shut it down without losing hot water. Two standard tank style water heaters give you options when your budget demands to be heard as well.

Tankless Water Heaters

For virtually endless hot water a tankless water heater is an excellent option. They offer on demand heating without the energy loss of a traditional storage tank. And they’ll put an end to the family shower schedules. While a tankless water heater will need yearly maintenance by a plumbing professional they do offer great comfort for those with large hot water demands. For more information you can go to Rinnai tankless water heaters or see the video at the bottom of this page.

Hot Water Mixing Valves

A good option when looking for more hot water from your water heater is the relatively unknown mixing valve. A hot water mixing valve can be installed on your existing tank or during a water heater replacement. After raising the temperature on your water heater the valve mixes cold and hot water to a set temperature limit. This raises the heating capacity of your water heater. This can be an excellent option when space doesn’t allow for a dual water heater installation.

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

Are you tired of watching your money go down the drain while waiting for the water to get hot? Then a hot water recirculating pump may be the answer. This system can be installed on an existing or new water heater. It keeps the hot water in the pipes heated. This gives you instant hot water at the furthest plumbing fixtures in your home. It also raises the capacity of your tank. These have also been installed in homes to prevent hot water pipes from freezing.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation and Repairs

Instant hot water dispensers are a wonderful luxury. A steaming hot water dispenser by your kitchen faucet or bar sink means no waiting for that next cup of tea, hot cocoa or instant soup. Let Advocate Master Plumbing bring some comforts into your home with the expertise and value that our customers have come to expect.

Hire us for your water heater repair, replacement or installation?

With over 25 years of experience working in all facets of the plumbing industry we have earned the trust and respect of our neighbors in Lee’s Summit. With a conversation and a handshake the best value options for your particular hot water needs will be discussed so you can make an informed decision. We train our master plumbers to be service professionals and not salesmen. So thank you in advance for allowing us to speak with you and trusting us with your families well being.