There’s nothing sexy or fun about a toilet. But when you have a good one it’s great. There are a lot of toilets from which to choose. And when choosing be careful. Since the water conservation mandates on plumbing, 1.6 gallons is the maximum flush size. So a well designed and properly installed toilet is very important. If you skimp on the initial investment you could be paying triple the price difference in plumbing repairs. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’ll try to keep your old toilet working at optimal performance. But if it needs too many repairs we’ll give you all the information we have about the cost of repairing compared to replacing. We’ll make a recommendation and await your informed decision. No pressure. No fuss.

Toilet Replacement

Because of the variety of options, brands, and styles a toilet replacement can be tricky. You don’t want high end style without well engineered function.Toilet repair, toilet replacement, toilet installation And some brands are better than others. Because they are constantly changing and evolving I recommend letting the experts at Advocate Master Plumbing provide a toilet that is a pillar of function and simplistic style. Do you really want a plunger placed next to your toilet? Do you really want to hunt high and low for an overpriced & under engineered toilet part. We know the brands. We know the models. We know toilets.

Toilet Repair

If you’ve already been blessed with a simple and efficient toilet but it needs a little TLC, then call us. If you have a leaky toilet, a running toilet, or a just plain broke toilet, we’ll fix it. We won’t sell you repairs you don’t need. We won’t talk you into upgrading when you’d really prefer to spend that money chasing your favorite gal or fella on a tropical beach. We’ll inspect, recommend and repair. Our qualified and insured master plumbers will replace a flapper, fill valve or wax ring. Call us now.