Water Pipe Repair and Installation

Water pipe repair and installation is a common plumbing repair. Frozen pipes, burst pipes and leaking pipes are very scary and damaging. Water damage is the number one home owners insurance claim. A proper home inspection can highlight any possible issues. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’re proud to offer free home plumbing inspections with every paid service. We hope you’ll feel we’re the plumbers to fix your water pipes.


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Burst water pipes

Frozen water pipesWhen you have improperly installed water pipes or incorrectly insulated water pipes you need a professional. At Advocate Master Plumbing we know how to deal with frozen pipes. Call us to thaw water lines in your home.

Leaking water pipes

Leaking water pipes can be damaging to your home if left unchecked. A slow leaking pipe can lull you into a false sense of security and mold will form. You’ll wait and wait until you have significant water damage. The excessive water bill will just add insult to injury. Don’t let leaking water pipes turn into broken water pipes or a full remodel.

Whole house water pipe replacements

Whole house water pipe replacements involve a lot of design knowledge and mechanical ability. There are water flow issues. There are excessive water pressure concerns. And there are health concerns that plumbing codes address. When joining pipes you can inadvertently foul your families drinking water. Water pipes joined improperly may cause more damage in the future.

Types of water pipes

Water pipes come in many different materials. They also are joined in many different ways. At Advocate Master Plumbing we don’t believe in keeping secrets. We like the DIY home owners. But an uninformed DIY repair can cause more water damage and expense than you could ever save. Once again, you’re good at your job. Let us be good at ours.

Copper water pipes

Copper water pipe is the most common water pipe. If you have a leaking copper water pipe that’s been soldered, flared, crimped, braised or mechanically coupled we can handle it. After decades of plumbing training and customer service experience we’re prepared. A burst copper water pipe or leaking copper water pipe causing water damage is a plumbing repair we do daily. We also can do complete copper water pipe installations. If you want more information go to copper water pipe leak repair.

Copper water pipe connections

Copper water pipe can be joined in many ways. And they’re joined in those ways for specific design and health reasons. The most common copper water pipe joints are:

  • Soldered copper water pipe
  • Braised copper water pipe
  • Flared copper water pipe
  • Compression copper water pipe
  • Quick connect copper water pipe
  • Threaded copper water pipe

PEX water pipe

PEX water pipe (cross linked polyethylene) is a flexible plastic water pipe that is joined, primarily, by a crimping process. If you have leaking pex water pipe, frozen pex water pipe, or need a pex water pipe repair and installation call us. Pex water pipe has the advantages of being more affordable, self insulating, freeze tolerant, and absorbs water hammer. Don’t spend a thousand dollars worth of your time to save a hundred dollars on a pex water pipe repair. Call the master plumbers at Advocate Master Plumbing.

Pex water pipe connections

Pex water pipe connections are also installed in different ways. This type of water pipe tends to be simpler. But don’t let it fool you. It’s easy to have an incorrectly installed pex water pipe. The common pex water pipe connections are:

  • Crimped pex water pipe connections
  • Expansion pex water pipe connections
  • Clamp ring pex water pipe connections
  • Quick connect pex water pipe connections

PVC water pipe

PVC water pipe (Polyvinyl chloride) is another type of water pipe that can be found in Jackson County homes. If your home has water damage from a leaking pvc water pipe or burst pvc water pipe your local plumbers and neighbors at Advocate Master Plumbing can help. We deal with all manner of pvc water pipe repair and installation.

PVC water pipe connections

PVC water pipe is used mostly by home remodelers and DIY homeowners. Plumbing professionals tend to avoid installing pvc water pipe due to it’s brittle nature. The most common types of pvc water pipe connections are:

  • Glued pvc water pipe connections
  • Threaded pvc water pipe connections
  • Quick connect pvc water pipe connections
  • Compression pvc water pipe connections

CPVC water pipe

CPVC water pipe (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) can be found in homes throughout Missouri. Water pipe repair and installations due to CPVC water pipe leaks, frozen CPVC water pipes or burst CPVC water pipes are all common plumbing repairs at Advocate Master Plumbing. If your home has water damage or you have a flooded basement due to leaking CPVC water pipe we’ll handle it fairly and honestly.

CPVC water pipe connections

CPVC water pipe is very similar in type to pvc water pipe in the ways in which it is joined. It has all the same advantages and disadvantages with a couple of exceptions. Unlike other types of water pipe it hardly leaches any chemicals or trace elements into water. It is, however, the most brittle water pipe of these discussed. The common cpvc water pipe connections are:

  • Glued cpvc water pipe connections
  • Threaded cpvc water pipe connecitons
  • Quick connect cpvc water pipe connections

Galvanized steel water pipe

Galvanized steel water pipe is an older plumbing pipe that is no longer used for home plumbing systems. It is used to join plumbing appliances and plumbing fixtures sometimes. Galvanized steel water pipe won’t usually burst but it will freeze and it will leak. Water damage from galvanized water pipes is usually a water leak. They rust from the inside out and fail at the threaded water pipe joints. Older galvanized steel water pipes can be a danger due to build up of lead and other chemicals in the rusting interior. Chunks of rust can break away and clog or foul your water system. At Advocate Master Plumbing we replace your leaking galvanized water pipes with a copper or pex water pipe repair and installation.

Galvanized steel water pipe connections

Galvanized steel water pipe is a pretty unforgiving pipe. It only has a couple of common ways that it can be joined.

  • Threaded galvanized steel water pipe connections
  • Compression galvanized steel water pipe connections

Plumbers protect the health of the nation

It’s always sounded like an overstatement to me when a plumber said “plumbers protect the health of the nation.” But history has proven it. So allow us to help you protect the health of your family. And allow us to protect your home from flood damage. Advocate Master Plumbing will only send a master plumber with decades of experience. We’ll stop your water leaks and prevent further water damage. We’re proud to be your local Lee’s Summit Plumber!