Refrigerator Water

Refrigerator water can come with many different plumbing issues. I’m often asked to repair appliances. But as a plumber I explain that I only work on the plumbing that services the refrigerator. In this post I’ll be discussing the various types of plumbing issues that are related to refrigerator water.

What kind of refrigerator water shut off do I need?

refrigerator water shut off
Self piercing saddle valve

Appliance installers are not plumbers. They install the most basic water shut offs that come with refrigerators. The manufacturers furnish a water shut off that’s called a self piercing saddle valve.

Quarter turn refrigerator water shut off

This is a clamp that attaches to a copper water pipe. The clamp has a “needle valve” attached to it that when turned clockwise pierces the copper piping. Then they turn it counterclockwise. This leaves a hole in the pipe that’s about the size of a pencil lead. They then attach their water pipe to that and attach the other end to the refrigerator.

These shut offs are considered junk. Because the pierced opening is so small it eventually clogs with calcium. They are also prone to leaking. What you want is a quarter turn angle stop or straight stop that will not clog. It is similar to your faucet or toilet water shut off. But it has a quarter inch compression connection for refrigerator water lines.

What kind of refrigerator water pipe should I get?

The manufacturer supplied refrigerator water pipe is usually an opaque quarter inch plastic

refrigerator copper water tube
Refrigerator water tubing

water tubing. This tubing is prone to cracking. I recommend getting your own. But the most common option is a flexible quarter inch stainless steel water supply. I use to think this was the best. Then my wife told me she could taste the rubber inside it. It’s amazing what a lady can smell and taste. I now recommend copper tubing only. It’s the best. When installing the tubing you want to leave a few loops behind the refrigerator to create a spring. It will allow the refrigerator to be pulled out and put back without kinking the copper tubing.


What kind of refrigerator water filter should I get?

Because the refrigerator water is going to be either drank or used to create ice, filtration is

refrigerator inline filter
Refrigerator inline water filter

preferred. The stock filters are often over priced and not very long lasting. I recommend replacing the filter, when it’s time. with an in line filter that can be picked up at your local home store. These filters can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. It depends on the quality of the refrigerator water filter you buy. And when you take the stock filter out the refrigerator won’t leak. You can leave it out. The inline filters are easier to find. They’re cheaper. And they work better.

Who installs refrigerator water pipes?

Plumbers install refrigerator water pipes, shut offs and filters. They not only install them, they check your home for excessive water pressure that could be damaging to the refrigerator solenoid valve. So call your local Lees Summit plumbers at Advocate Master Plumbing. We’re the homeowners advocates. We are also your Lee’s Summit sump pump installation and repair specialists!

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

If you’re looking for the cleanest water possible have a reverse osmosis water filter installed. Multiple water quality issues are popping up around the country. And if you’ve ever read your yearly water department report you’d wonder who decides what an acceptable level of arsenic is. Lees Summit has pretty good water. But the first thing we did after moving here is install our filtration system.

What is a reverse osmosis water filter

They are a drinking water filtration system that removes contaminants and chemicals by forcing water through a semipermeable filter. It then flushes the contaminants out of the filtration system and into your drains.

How reverse osmosis water filter works, Lees Summit plumbers
How reverse osmosis water filter works

Where is it installed

Most filtration systems are installed under your kitchen sink. This is where you’re going to be using it the most. A separate water spout is installed on the counter for it. There’s a small storage tank and normally a 4 stage filter system. The system attaches to your cold water pipe for it’s water supply. It attaches to the tubular kitchen sink drains for the waste water. But you can install them in your basement if there’s access to the plumbing in the basement ceiling.

What kind of reverse osmosis water filter should I get

When plumbing customers ask me what type of system to get I usually recommend your basic Home Depot GE model. I prefer them because they work very well. They are a great value. And since the filters need to be replaced about every 6 to 9 months it’s easy to find the replacement filters. More expensive models may offer additional features but I like to keep things simple.

Who installs them

Plumbers install reverse osmosis water filter systems. They can seem pretty simple but it’s easy to mess them up. Once installed, you can replace the filters yourself pretty easily. So when you decide you want clean, pure water to drink and cook with call your local Lees Summit plumbing professionals at Advocate Master Plumbing. And check out all the other services we provide.