Water Heater Gas Pipe Drip Leg

A hot water heater gas pipe drip leg is a safety feature of a water heater that is designed to prevent the accumulation of debris and moisture in the gas supply line. This device is a small, vertical pipe that is attached to the gas line and extends downward from the gas valve of the water heater.

The drip leg is usually made of a 6″ steel nipple and has a cap at the bottom that can be opened to remove any accumulated debris or water. This feature helps to prevent the accumulation of sediment, rust, or other particles that can clog the gas supply line or gas control valve and affect the performance of the water heater.

The drip leg is also important for safety reasons because it helps to prevent the flow of gas from being disrupted by any water that may be present in the gas line. Water can cause damage to the gas valve, burner or other components of the water heater, leading to potential gas leaks or even fires.

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