How Does A Pressure Assist Toilet Work

Since much needed water conservation standards mandated low water flow toilets the pressure assist toilet has stood out as the hallmark of plumbing engineering. It’s simplicity is its strength. Most homeowners in Lee’s Summit are looking for a high efficiency toilet with a larger drain opening. Many are being sold on the idea of a larger drain opening to prevent drain clogs. But there’s another option.

What is a pressure assist toilet?

I often use the analogy of a convenience store bathroom to describe a pressure assist toilet to my plumbing customers. It isn’t exactly correct. Most of those toilets have flushometer valves. That’s a specialty commercial flush valve and a conversation for another time. But they both work on the principle of water pressure for a toilet flush. But, in short, a pressure assist toilet is a toilet that uses a combination of water and pressurized air to flush a toilet. And the people at Flushmate know how to make them.

How do these high efficiency toilets work?

A pressure assist toilet is exactly the same as a standard toilet. The difference is in the tank.

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Standard and Pressure Assist Toilet differences

Instead of stored water in a tank waiting to be pulled by gravity into a bowl there’s an air tight plastic tank. It’s inside the porcelain tank. When water fills the air tight tank there’s trapped air. As the pressurized water fills the air tight tank it pressurizes the air. When the toilet handle is pushed the pressurized air blows the water into the toilet bowl. This velocity is it’s advantage. Instead of gravity and the weight of water creating a siphonic action and pulling water and waste through the toilet trapway it’s high velocity water. Any waste is partially broken up while passing through the trapway due to the waters velocity. This negates the need for a larger trapway.

Who installs and repairs pressure assist toilets?

If you’re tired of using that plunger sitting next to your builder grade standard toilet call us. At Advocate Master Plumbing you get actual master plumbers to come to your home. They understand how to install and repair all high efficiency toilets. They also know how they work and why they work. We live and work here. We won’t sell you. We’ll serve you.

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