Thermostatic Mixing Valve

A thermostatic mixing valve is a lesser known water heater option. At Advocate Master Plumbing we’ve installed and serviced many of these valves. After reading this plumbing article you can call for an estimate.

What’s a thermostatic mixing valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve or hot water mixing valve is a valve that mixes hot and cold water to ensure a consistent temperature. It can be installed for a single faucet or for a whole home hot water heating system. In a residential setting they are normally installed on the water heater.

What are the advantages of a hot water mixing valve?

water heater capacity
Thermostatic mixing valve

A hot water mixing valve can have a couple of advantages for a homeowner. The most popular being you can increase the output of your water heater. Install it and you can turn the temperature setting above 140 degrees. Then by setting the mixing valve temperature to 120 degrees you’ve raised the water heater capacity. This is a less expensive alternative to a larger water heater or dual water heating system.

Another advantage is scald prevention. If you have young children or a developmentally handicapped loved one in your home there’s always a possibility of scalding. But if you set the mixing valve temperature below 120 degrees then you’ve avoided that scald hazard.

water heater tempering valve
Water Heater Tempering Valve

What are the disadvantages of mixing valves?

A hot water mixing valve can also have some problems. The first one being that you’ll need a professional to install it. This means they can be an expensive hot water heater accessory. When you’re cross-connecting your hot and cold water you need to be very careful. And soldering is usually involved. So a master plumber is recommended.

Another disadvantage is that they are sensitive to hard water. Since there is a rubber diaphragm and seals and multiple screens, debris and hard water deposits can foul it’s workings. So maintenance is necessary.

Lastly, it’s really not a good idea to turn your water heater temperature up to much beyond the manufacturers recommended 120 degrees. The more you heat water the more hard water deposits will accrue on the bottom of the tank. This can age it more quickly. But you can avoid this by flushing your water heater annually.

Lees Summit hot water mixing valve installation

If you’re in Lees Summit and want a hot water mixing valve installed, call Advocate Master Plumbing. We’ve installed, repaired and serviced thermostatic valves such as the Cash Acme Tank Booster in residential homes and in commercial applications. When you want a local plumber and don’t want to break the bank call your homeowners advocate. We’ll evaluate your specific needs and make the best recommendations. Remember you’ll always get a master plumber at your door when you call us.

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